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Aliens Worlds is a ten-minute featurette developed at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. It premiered in early April 2011 and has been a part of the planetarium's Hohfeld Hall shows, off and on, since then.

The featurette's soundscape is a complex generative piece, entitled Alchemy. It requires two computers running Kenaxis Surround and was originally composed as a longform surround-sound piece. It will run continuously, without repeating, for many many hours; it uses manipulations of Belgian hunting horns originally recorded by freesound artist Jovica Storer. A short (21 min) sample of the piece is provided below.


Alien Worlds is primarily the result of a novel collaboration between Jeff Schwartz, a planetarium Presenter at the Academy, and Tim Horn, a Academy Producer. During 2011, at least 20,000 people saw Alien Worlds. Alchemy has subsequently been used for a second Hohfeld Hall featurette, Kepler's New Worlds, and was the also basis of an innovative dream video.