Turbulence  Apple Ephedrine Pie  Am. Silence  Berkeley Symphony  Yearnings 

This piece was finished in time for the Irregular Resolutions concert on September 29, 2007. Many thanks to  Anne Szabla (vibraphone) and Charith Premawardhana (viola), who helped substantially to make sure extended techniques with their instruments were used to best advantage.

Initially sketched out in 2003, Paraquasia: A perpetual state of longing went through many permutations, searching for the proper instrumentation.    One primary component of Paraquasia is its sophisticated use of sine waves, especially in the bass register.   Sine waves have no harmonics, and low, deep tones are implemented in this piece that, at times, paint an unnatural harmonic space.  Alternatively, the sine waves interact with low notes of the extended-range vibraphone, supporting or contrasting its metallic character; in other passages, they intensify the viola's "touch 4th" harmonics.