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the spaces between is a series of 12 immersive recordings created in April 2019 while in residence at the Lucid Art Foundation (Inverness, California). They were realized in the studio of Gordon Onslow Ford, a painter who spanned numerous art movements and pioneered new concepts exploring inner worlds.

These sonic realms are best appreciated in a quite place; upon multiple listens, new details reveal themselves to the listener. Attributions and additional details are provided below.


Many thanks to the Lucid Art Foundation for their substantial support of this project.

Album photography by Joyce Graves.

Beehive Symphony was derived entirely from a recording of snow falling on an umbrella by freesound artist klankbeeld.

A Mind in the Cave uses recordings from an empty classroom and drips of water in a cave by freesound artists klankbeeld and Sclolex, respectively.

Metal Atom Rain is derived entirely from a recording of a suspended metal napkin holder.

In the Distance uses recordings of the reverberations of wind and rain in Gordon Onslow Ford's studio.

Painting Sounds Like is derived entirely from a short recording made by Robert Rich.

Noetic Sky is mostly derived from a recording of a ceiling fan in a San Francisco business office.

Velvet and Silver is mostly derived from a recording of a six-foot-long metal ruler.

Promised uses a recording of the kitchen exhaust fan in the Lucid Art cottage (formerly the writing studio of Jacqueline Johnson).

Ice uses a recording of pond ice melting (freesound artist PressureChief).

The Messenger primarily uses recordings of birds on the Lucid Art campus.

Vrouwtjesvos uses the recording of a screaming fox in the Dutch countryside (freesound artist michieldb.nl)

All pieces were realized in the former studio of Gordon Onslow Ford using Digital Performer and a Prophet X keyboard. Most employed paulstretch and Melodyne.