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In May 2013 Bryan Day and Jay Kreimer curated an impressive exhibition at the Lux Gallery in Lincoln Nebraska. Hammer, Anvil and Stirrup: People Make Things That Make Sounds had more than 20 instruments, made by artists from all around the US, set up for playing. During their visit, Joyce, David and Jay played on them. Thankfully, Jay brought his stereo mikes... Afterwards, David mixed and modified the recordings in his San Francisco studio.

understory is an album of eleven moods, textures and implied memories resulting from the combination of playing truly unconventional, one-of-a-kind instruments and applying innovative electronics. Many thanks to the artists and the Lux Gallery. Album photo by Joyce; CD available upon request. The opening track was also used as a backdrop for a video.


Instruments used on the album include: RP Collier -- The Rambler; Bryan Day -- Tapewarp; Tore Horoe’Boe -- Merzbuilt #125 and Rascacielos; Joseph Jaros -- The Opener; Tim Kaiser -- Atomic Oscillator #0194; Dave Knott -- Listening Flower and Stringboard; Ben Kreimer -- Which Came First?; Jay Kreimer -- String Barge; Reinhold Marxhausen -- Cosmic Cube and Untitled; John Collins McCormick -- Handsome Metal Tray; Tom Nunn -- Skatchplate #4; Ed Ruchalski -- Nocturne 986; David Samas -- Rattles, Buzz Roarer and Test Tube Pan Pipe