headshotDavid Graves has been writing a variety of musical works since the 1970s, including jazz, pop, electronic and "neoclassical" pieces for film, theater, studio, concert hall, and outdoor installations. He studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, City College of San Francisco and the University of Nebraska. In 2003 and 2005 David was a resident composer with the Djerassi Resident Artist Program where he was awarded the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Fellowship. He was also a resident composer with the Berkeley Symphony for two consecutive seasons and wrote six pieces that were performed as a part of their "Under Construction" concert series. His large-scale ambient works have been installed in a redwood canyon (tree/sigh), The LAB (deciduous), Soundwave's renowned AudioBus (Human Street Textures), and Urban Bazaar's garden space (Fog & Expectations).

He served on the Board of the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra for several seasons and had multiple pieces performed by that ensemble as well as the Irregular Resolutions composer collective. From 2006-2011, he assisted with various aspects of San Francisco's Soundwave Festival (including technical support, curation and grant writing); during that time, he performed innovative multimedia pieces as a part of the festival.

David has also released albums with the prog-rock group ScienceNV, recorded several albums of pop vocal tunes, and received grants from the American Composers Forum and Meet the Composer. He was sound designer for productions at the Aurora and Shotgun Theaters in Berkeley. His large collection of short video "dreams" (Living in the Village of My Dreams) is an ongoing extension of his ambient and visual works. David is half of the AmbientBlack duo and creates soundscapes such as the California Academy of Sciences' featurette Alien Worlds.

This website has samples of works from all of the above genres. To contact the artist, send him an e-mail.

Top photo courtesy Marshall Berman and the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra. Joyce did the others!