the spaces between

the spaces between is a series of 12 immersive recordings created in April 2019 while in residence at the Lucid Art Foundation (Inverness, California). They were realized in the studio of Gordon Onslow Ford, a painter who spanned numerous art movements and pioneered new concepts exploring inner worlds. Attributions for this album are here.


Numinous premiered December 21, 2019 for the closing of Peter de Swart’s exhibition by the same title at the Lucid Art Foundation gallery. It’s slowly evolving textures instill a progression of emotions; this is the result of subtle shifts in musical modes originally “discovered” a thousand years ago. Much of the sustained ambience is derived from a recording of Jay Kreimer playing an instrument he built that uses a cello bow, two strings and a metal tape measure.

20th Century Tape

This body of exotic electronics emerged from reel-to-reel tapes originally recorded at a synthesizer studio in Lincoln, Nebraska from 1976 to 1980. A video of one piece performed live in 2017 (Fear of Tar) can be found here.

cicatrix dreaming

A video collaboration that began with the remarkable color slides restored and curated by Justin Rhody. Jay Kreimer devised words to pull it all together. Many thanks to the musicians who contributed to this piece, including Jennifer Wilsey, Jorge Bachmann and Jay Kreimer. Source recordings were from The July Amalgam and Emergent Frost Variations (see below).

Emergent Frost Variations

New pieces that weren’t a part of a larger theme were drafted, intermittently revised and then finished over the course of six years: subtle sonic explorations realized using a variety of sources and methodologies.


Appropriating an old term originally used to describe reused parchment paper, each monthly installment included fragments of all previous months.