Irregular Resolutions

Irregular Resolutions

From 2004 to 2017, this ten-member composer collective met on a monthly basis to discuss writing and plan concerts. This is the archive of their twelve concerts.

February 18, 2017

Six of the recorded pieces are provided below, followed by the full program listing.

At the End When You Speak (Cass Panuska, soprano; Megan Stetson, mezzo-soprano, Feona Lee Jones, piano)
by Ed Dierauf

Misery (Torlef Borsting, baritone; Feona Lee Jones, piano)
by Walter Sanchez

Rosetta’s Area (Cass Panuska, soprano; Rachel Condry, clarinet; Feona Lee Jones, piano)
by John Bilotta

Beyond the Frame (Jill K. Wagoner, soprano; Megan Stetson, mezzo-soprano; Feona Lee Jones, piano)
by Steve Mobia

Amiss – But not Forgotten (Native-American Flute)
by Walter Sanchez

The Man Who Hated Trees (Mimi Braverman, mezzo-soprano; Gary Friedman, English horn; Karen Wright, bassoon; Frank Lahorgue, horn; Brian Thompson, percussion)
by Gary Friedman

I Know What Stillness Is (Cass Panuska, soprano; Megan Stetson, mezzo-soprano; Feona Lee Jones, piano)
by John Bilotta

Moments (Mimi Braverman, mezzo-soprano; Mark Alfenito, piano)
by Mark Alfenito

November 21, 2015

Some of the recorded performances are provided below, followed by the full program listing.

St. Joseph Voluntary (Angela Kraft Cross, organ; by Angela Kraft Cross)

Fugue for Four Winds (organ version) (Angela Kraft Cross, organ; by Gary Friedman)

Five Short Pieces for Organ (Paul Rosas, organ; by Davide Verotta)

Romance (Carole Mayedo, violin; Mark Alfenito, piano; by Mark Alfenito)

Emergence (Paul Rosas, organ; by John Bilotta)

Turbulence (Paul Rosas, organ; David Graves, electronics; by David Graves with sounds from Luc Ferrari’s archives)*

  1. Pleuvoir et Chuchotements
  2. Mélodie Ondulate et Cristalline
  3. Machine en Marche

The Art of Disappearing (Mimi Braverman, mezzo-soprano; Brian Thompson, baritone; Sandra Kruse, flute; Barry Kruse, clarinet; Frank Lahorgue, horn; Gary Friedman, piano; by Gary Friedman)

Organ-Trumpet Duet (Angela Kraft Cross, organ; Andrew Stephens, trumpet; by Ed Dierauf)

Migration Number Three (Paul Rosas, organ; by Paul Rosas)

Tree of Life (Angela Kraft Cross, organ; by Angela Kraft Cross)

Der Verrückte Valzer (Angela Kraft Cross, organ; by Mark Alfenito)

October 25, 2014

Three Sonatinas (Emily Tian, piano; by John Bilotta)

Homage to Agathe (Friction Quartet; David Graves, electronics; by Ed Dierauf)

Apple Ephedrine Pie (Friction Quartet; David Graves, electronics; by David Graves)

Bronze Chasm (Friction Quartet; by Davide Verotta)

Two Trios (Thea Davison, oboe; Gary Friedman, English horn; Mary Kay Duggan, piano; by Gary Friedman)

Three Movements from the Water Suite (Mist; Stream; Lake) (Telegraph Quartet; by Carol Belcher)

Quartetto Amabile (Telegraph Quartet; by Harry Bernstein)

Three Works for Quartet and Quintet (Stringing Me Along in the Key of U; Stringing Me Along in the Key of X; A Voice from the Past) (Telegraph Quartet; Meredith Kufchak, viola; by William Severson)

Featuring the Friction Quartet (Kevin Rogers and Otis Harriel, violins; Taija Warbelow, viola; Doug Machiz, violoncello) and the Telegraph Quartet (Eric Chin and Joseph Maile, violins; Pei-Ling Lin, viola; Jeremiah Shaw, violoncello).

November 23, 2013

Invitation (Davide Verotta, piano; music by Davide Verotta)

Two Trios (Randy Paik, clarinet; Margaret England, viola; Marlene Rogers, piano; by Gary Friedman)

South Albany Street (Josh Friedman, Yuri Liberzon, guitars; by John Bilotta)

Labor Songs: The Ballad of Harry Bridges & The Ballad of Joe Hill (Charles Alston, baritone; Ed Dierauf, piano/arranger)

Beauty from Forgetfulness, Mvmt II – Adagio – Allegretto – Adagio (David Ryther, violin; Monica Scott, violoncello; Hye-Yeong Min, piano; by John Bilotta)

Breathless (David Graves, electronics)

Freylach #18 (Harry Bernstein, flute; William Severson, piano; traditional klezmer)

Operatic Rag (William Severson, Harry Bernstein, piano duettists; by Julius Lenzberg)

Lambda Rag (William Severson, Harry Bernstein, piano duettists; by Greg Trice)

October 27, 2012

Brain Freeze (Avenue Winds; by John Bilotta)

Los Lazos Del Ayer (Carol Belcher, voice; Anne Sajdera, piano; music by Carol Belcher; lyrics by Chabela Yrigoyen)

Immaginazioni (Imaginations) (Davide Verotta, piano; by Davide Verotta)

Sticks and Tones (Bob Markison, bass clarinet; Jim Dalrymple, xylophone; by Gary Friedman)

Renaissance Songs (Justin Marsh, tenor; Libby Kardontchik, piano; by John Bilotta)

Nudge (Collin Boltz, Megan Shieh, and Kevin Sakamoto, percussion; by Steve Mobia)

Masonic Tectonic (Warren Hudson, baritone; Benjamin Dierauf, trumpet; Collin Boltz, Megan Shieh, and Kevin Sakamoto, percussion; by Ed Dierauf)

The Sofa (Collin Boltz, Megan Shieh, Kevin Sakamoto and Anne Szabla, percussion; by Davide Verotta)

The Avenue Winds is Melanie Keller, flute, piccolo; Adrienne Malley, oboe; Karla Avila, clarinet; Erika Wilsen, horn; Charles Moehnke, bassoon.

October 22, 2011

A Woodwind Walk (Avenue Winds; by Ed Dierauf)

Nebraska Waltz and Miss Conduct (Avenue Winds; by David Graves)

Immaginazioni (Imaginations) (Davide Verotta, piano; by Davide Verotta)

First Light (Avenue Winds; by John Bilotta)

A Ramble in an Unknown Countryside (Avenue Winds; by Bill Severson)

Three Happy Oboists: 5 Sketches (Thea Davison, oboe; Gary Friedman, oboe d’amore; Moira Little, English horn; by Gary Friedman)

Five Pieces for WQ (Avenue Winds; by Davide Verotta)

Featuring the Avenue Winds (Melanie Keller, flute; Adrienne Malley, oboe; Roman Fukshansky, clarinet; Erika Wilsen, horn; Charles Moehnke, Bassoon).

October 30, 2010

The Water Suite (Picasso Strings; by Carol Belcher)

Quartet for Strings May Kyon Behka (Picasso Strings; by Davide Verotta)

Four and Five (Presidio Strings; by William Severson)

Quartet for English Horn and Strings (James Matheson, English horn & Presidio Strings; by Gary Friedman)

Fragments (Presidio Strings; by Ed Dierauf)

All in a Day’s Work (Picasso Strings; by Walter Sanchez)

Pacific Afternoons (Picasso Strings; by David Graves)

Heart’s Desire (Stephen Moore, viola; Timothy Zerlang, piano; by John Bilotta)

Featuring the Picasso Quartet (Natasha Makhijani and Shaina, violin; Lauren Buono, viola; Michelle Kwon, violoncello) and the Presidio Quartet (Deborah Katz and David Rhyther, violin; Ilana Matfis, viola; Shain Carrosco, violoncello).

October 3, 2009

Yeats Song for baritone & piano (John Bilotta)

The Great Sea for mezzo soprano, horn & piano (Gary Friedman)

The Mystic Trumpeter for SATB, clarinet & piano (William Severson)
Please, Don’t Ask Me to Leave You for SATB, clarinet & piano (William Severson)

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men for TTBB (Ed Dierauf)
Hummingbird Conditions for soprano & piano (Ed Dierauf)
The Message for soprano & piano (Ed Dierauf)

Soaring Eagle for American Indian flute & guitar (Walter Sanchez)

The Dancer for soprano & piano (Carol Belcher)

Rime di Cecco Angiolieri for soprano & piano (Davide Verotta)

Featuring a number of artist-performers:

Harry Bernstein, Rachel Condry, Michael Desnoyers, Patty Deuter, Kriesten Jones, Alexander Katsman, Maria Mikheyenko, Richard Mix, Carlos Oliveira, Lisa Scola Prosek, Marlene Rogers, Walter Sanchez, Bill Severson, Megan Stetson, Monika Warchol

February 7, 2009

Entrance of the Irregulars for brass septet (John Bilotta)

Brass Games for brass quintet (Harry Bernstein)

Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra arranged for brass septet (Gary Friedman)

Quattro Idoli for marimba (Davide Verotta)

Lost in the Fog for brass quintet (Walter Sanchez)

Waiting for Spring for brass quintet (Ed Dierauf)

Brass Quintet Three, Four and Five for brass quintet (William Severson)


     Pierce Yamaoka, trumpet
     Joshua Silva, trumpet
     Monika Warchol, horn
     Wayne Van Lieu, horn
     Brendan Lai-Tong, trombone
     Danny Forman, bass trombone
     Francis Upton, tuba
     Anne Szabla, marimba

October 29, 2007

Twas Brillig, for SF Children’s Chorus (Nicole Sumner)
Your Laughter for voice and piano (Sarah Sumner & Pablo Neruda)

In the Meadow for flute, clarinet and piano (Walter Sanchez) *
Beginning of Dawn ibid
Life in the City ibid

Samara Variations for alto flute, clarinet, cello and piano (Ed Dierauf) *

Paraquasia: A state of perpetual longing for vibraphone, viola and sine waves (David Graves)

Sogni d’Inverno (Winter Dreams) for flute, cello, and piano (Davide Verotta)
Tra il Verticale e il Cilindro (In Between the Cylinder and the Vertical) for vibraphone and piano (Davide Verotta)

Caleidoscopio for piano (Carol Belcher)
Vento das Noites ibid
Os Vingadores ibid

Petroushka Dreams for clarinet, cello and piano (John Bilotta)

Adults at Play: Tango for flute and piano (Harry Bernstein)
Ball Game Waltz for oboe and piano (ibid)
Child Absorbed in Quiet Play: Interlude for piano (ibid)
At Play for flute, oboe and piano (ibid)

* Performed by Chamber Mix: Martha Stoddard (flute/alto flute), Karen Wells (clarinet), Joan Hadeishi (cello), and Timothy Zerlang (piano).

Additional performers included Nicole Sumner (voice), Davide Verotta (piano), Anne Szabla (vibraphone), Charith Premawardhana (viola), Carol Belcher (piano), David Graves (sine waves), Harry Bernstein (flute), Phil Freihofner (oboe), Allan Crossman (piano) and the SF Children’s Chorus.

October 14, 2006

Mindless Thoughts for flute and string quartet (Walter Sanchez),

Interlude for string quartet (Ed Dierauf)

Proximities for piccolo/flute and string quartet (Steve Mobia)

Brazilian Suite for piano (Carol Belcher)

I Fiori di Seta for flute, alto flute and string quartet (John Bilotta)

Ommagio a Primavera (Davide Verotta) for string quartet

Suite for Flute, Violin, 2 Violas, Cello (Harry Bernstein)

April 29, 2005

Passagens (Carol Belcher)

Trio Sonata (Carol Belcher)

Floaters (Steve Mobia)

Pezzo Numero Due (Davide Verotta)

Dog and Cats (Walter Sanchez)

Mojave Sunrise (Walter Sanchez)

Entr’acte (John Bilotta) LINK TO MORE INFO

Sonata per Cello e Pianoforte (Davide Verotta)

Duet for Clarinet and Cello (Edward Dierauf)

Variation for Cello (Edward Dierauf)

Sonata for Flute, Oboe and Piano (Harry Bernstein)

Of Blood and Diamonds (David A. Graves)

Composer performers:

     Carol Belcher, piano (Passagens, Trio Sonata)
     Harry Bernstein, flute
     Davide Verotta, piano (Pezzo Numero Due, Dog and Cats)

Additional performers:

     Dan Cantrell, accordion
     Nick Carlin, cello
     Henri Ducharme, accordion
     Nik Phelps, clarinet, English horn