Site-Specific Ambient


Numinous premiered December 21, 2019 for the closing of Peter de Swart’s exhibition by the same title at the Lucid Art Foundation gallery. It’s slowly evolving textures instill a progression of emotions; this is the result of subtle shifts in musical modes originally “discovered” a thousand years ago. Much of the sustained ambience is derived from a recording of Jay Kreimer playing an instrument he built that uses a cello bow, two strings and a metal tape measure.

Fog & Expectations

Fog & Expectations is a generative composition with melodic fragments derived from bells, tones and field recordings. It was first installed in 2011 using a San Francisco store’s backyard garden space. When installed on 6-10 stereo players, it plays indefinitely without repeating. Video of the premier is below; an hourlong portion of one installation is here.

The AudioBus

A part of Soundwave>Series ((3)), Human Street Textures was performed on the AudioBus when it went on its inaugural journey in 2008. The result of more than a year of preparation, along with sound artist [ruidobello], there were two nights of “tours”. Audio from laptop synthesizers were processed with sounds collected with a microphone directed at the passing scenery, cars and pedestrians. The resulting amalgam was then distributed up to the audience (wearing Sennheiser headphones) on top floor of the double-decker City Sightseeing bus.


A part of the 2006 SURROUND>SOUND series, deciduous is a 15min piece that manipulates field recordings of a forest.  During the performance, a “video painting” transforms very gradually, almost imperceptibly, along with simultaneous changes in the surround-soundscape. Below is a stereo version of the performance.


A collection written at the Djerassi Resident Artist Program. tree/sigh was installed on the residency’s property, in a redwood canyon, during the 2003 Open House.