Fog & Expectations

Fog & Expectations was first created using a San Francisco store’s backyard garden space as its “preview” installation, a generative composition with melodic fragments derived from bells, tones and field recordings. When installed on multiple players, it plays indefinitely without repeating. Video of the premier is below; an hourlong portion of one installation is here.

The AudioBus

A part of Soundwave>Series ((3)), Human Street Textures was performed on the AudioBus when it went on its inaugural journey in 2008. The result of more than a year of preparation, along with sound artist [ruidobello], there were two nights of “tours”. Audio from laptop synthesizers were processed with sounds collected with a microphone directed at the passing scenery, cars and pedestrians. The resulting amalgam was then distributed up to the audience (wearing Sennheiser headphones) on top floor of the double-decker City Sightseeing bus.


A part of the 2006 SURROUND>SOUND series, deciduous is a 15min piece that manipulates field recordings of a forest.  During the performance, a “video painting” transforms very gradually, almost imperceptibly, along with simultaneous changes in the surround-soundscape. Below is a stereo version of the performance.


A collection written at the Djerassi Resident Artist Program. tree/sigh was installed on the residency’s property, in a redwood canyon, during the 2003 Open House.

The Poignant Reminder

Most of The Poignant Reminder was written while at Djerassi.  It has been played a number of times, in its entirety, on Foothills College Radio and portions have been used by Sara C. Sun as well as other artists.  The first cut was used in Ms. Sun’s video, WindowsIntellect was part of the Electronic Music Foundation’s Symposium for the Future (New York, NY) in December 2004.  More recently, Love was used in Ms. Sun’s video, Blue, shown at the Arts Under the Bridge, End Tymes Noise festivals in Brooklyn NY and The D-Block Gallery in Los Angeles.

European Preternatual

… uses original BBC recordings of European settings (trains, schools, shops, etc.), as a backdrop for custom synthetic textures and unusual melodic scales.