Invisible Cities Artists

Eda Akaltun is fascinated by printmaking and collage. She currently lives in Paris.

Bhavika Aggarwal is a designer, architect and visual artist residing in New Delhi.

Jorge Bachmann is a San Francisco photographer and experimental sound artist.

Dominique Chaponot, a Paris-born photographer currently living in Atlanta, loves art – any art!

Colleen Corradi Brannigan is a multimedia visual artist living in Pescara, Italy.

Bryan Day is a recording artist, music curator and creative instrument maker living in Richmond, California.

Troels Folmann is a Bay Area composer, sound artist and co-founder of 8DIO.

David Graves curated the project, made the videos, and is frequently overwhelmed by sound. He finished the first half of the Cities while living in San Francisco and now resides in Eugene, Oregon.

Joyce Graves is a San Francisco photographer, musician and gardener.

Ana Isa Neves Guerreiro is a Portuguese designer and plastic artist.

Paul Haigh is a prolific multidisciplinary architect and designer who has illuminated several of Calvino’s Invisible Cities.  He currently lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Jim Henriques is an astronomer, composer and recording artist living near Reno; he is often charmed by minutiae in the universe.

Matt Kish is a librarian and self-taught artist residing in Dayton, Ohio.

Jay Kreimer is a musician and instrument maker in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Bob Marsh is a multi-instrumentalist, improvisor, inventor, composer and performance artist. He currently lives in Pueblo, Colorado.

Ian Miller wanted to be a train station, but only managed a short career as a signal box on a branch line near Wigan; he started to draw and paint in desperation, and never stopped.  Presently, he is old, lives in Brighton, and keeps dropping his pens.  But! he has a plan….

Maria Monsonet is an illustrator working in Barcelona.

Karina Puente is an architect and illustrator working in multiple media in Lima, Peru.

Justin Clifford Rhody is a fine art photographer, filmmaker and occasional sound artist currently based in New Mexico.

Robert Rich is a prolific ambient/electronic composer and recording artist living in Mountain View, California.

AndrĂ© Rocha is a Porto, Portugal-based architect, designer and illustrator whose works articulate tensions between ultra-compact spaces and voids. 

Agile, then filigreed, bubbling and fierce, Seeded Plain creates electroacoustic works for novel instruments from Lincoln, Nebraska and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Eileen Shaloum is an abstract painter and mixed media artist living in New York City.

Sara C. Sun is a prolific interrelated media artist working in New York City.

Christian Tate is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Margate, Kent.

Deirdre Weinberg is a painter, muralist and neighborhood activist struggling to stay in San Francisco.

Jennifer Wilsey is a prolific percussionist, improviser, composer, educator and deep listener living in Santa Rosa.

Taiho Yamada is a Los Angeles synth maker and programmer.

freesound artists from around the world contributed recorded snippets: altfuture, Augdog, cajo, coltures, dADDoiT, Efecto, frosthardr, Fundador, Samuel Gremaud, Inspector J, Jabadal, jobhas, kyles, lostmaiden, Reitana, reznik_Krkovicka, RTB45 and sniperous.

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