Invisible Cities Artists

About the Invisible Cities Artists

Eda Akaltun is fascinated by printmaking and collage. She currently lives in Paris.

Bhavika Aggarwal is a designer, architect and visual artist residing in New Delhi.

Jorge Bachmann is a San Francisco photographer and experimental sound artist.

Dominique Chaponot, a Paris-born photographer currently living in Atlanta, loves art – any art!

Colleen Corradi Brannigan is a multimedia visual artist living in Pescara, Italy.

Bryan Day is a recording artist, music curator and creative instrument maker living in Richmond, California.

freesound artists from around the world contributed recorded snippets: altfuture, Augdog, cajo, coltures, Efecto, frosthardr, Fundador, Inspector J, Jabadal, kyles, lostmaiden, reznik_Krkovicka and sniperous.

Troels Folmann is a Bay Area composer, sound artist and co-founder of 8DIO.

David Graves curated the project, made the videos, and is frequently overwhelmed by sound in San Francisco.

Ana Isa Neves Guerreiro is a Portuguese designer and plastic artist.

Joyce Graves is a San Francisco photographer, musician and gardener.

Matt Kish is a librarian and self-taught artist residing in Dayton, Ohio.

Jay Kreimer is a musician and instrument maker in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Ian Miller wanted to be a train station, but only managed a short career as a signal box on a branch line near Wigan; he started to draw and paint in desperation, and never stopped.  Presently, he is old, lives in Brighton, and keeps dropping his pens.  But! he has a plan..

Maria Monsonet is an illustrator working in Barcelona.

Karina Puente is an architect and illustrator working in multiple media in Lima, Peru.

Robert Rich is a prolific ambient/electronic composer and recording artist living in Mountain View, California.

Eileen Shaloum is an abstract painter and mixed media artist living in New York City.

Deirdre Weinberg is a painter, muralist and neighborhood activist struggling to stay in San Francisco.

Taiho Yamada is a Los Angeles synth maker and programmer.

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