David Graves

It was a different world when David Graves came up with the idea of creating a soundscape for each of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. David had just finished a series of difficult projects and wanted to work on a project that 1) was collaborative, 2) had no deadlines, and 3) had no performances. He realized that the best way to have most people hear the Invisible Cities soundscapes was via high-definition video on the web, so he also sought out visual artists. Little did he know that the three-year project would coincide with COVID-19: the pandemic started shortly after work began and most of the coronavirus restrictions in the United States were lifted just as the project finished. Having a web-based art project proved to be the perfect antidote for a world gone mad.

Many thanks to Jay Kreimer for recommending Calvino’s novel to David, planting the seed for all of this.

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