Jay Kreimer

This project began incubating in 2014 when Jay Kreimer recommended Calvino’s Invisible Cities to David, along with other works by Oulipo artists. He has collaborated with David on several projects in the past (such as The July Amalgam), but 2018-2021 was remarkable even for them: together, they created the “soundtracks” for 21 Invisible Cities.

Jay created new instruments and composed audio for Argia, Armilla, Berenice, Chloe, Ersilia, Esmeralda, Eudoxia, Euphemia, Eutropia, Hypatia, Isidora, Leandra, Melania, Moriana, Marozia, Octavia, Penthesilea, Perinthia, Raissa, Theodora, and Zirma.

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