Bryan Day and Jay Kreimer curated an impressive exhibition at the Lux Gallery in Lincoln Nebraska. Hammer, Anvil and Stirrup: People Make Things That Make Sounds had more than 20 instruments, made by artists from all around the US, set up for playing. During their visit, Joyce, David and Jay played on them.

The July Amalgam

A series of compelling audio experiences resulted from collaborations on two different afternoons during July 2012 with Jennifer Wilsey, Jay Kreimer, Jorge Bachmann and David Graves. Available on Eh? Records.

London Burning

A stop-action video that resulted from the briefest of visits in Fine Vermin Studio. Jay and David swapped files between Nebraska and California, and Joyce helped with the photography.

Sunset August

Chuck Johnson and Jay Kreimer recorded playing their self-made instruments (acoustic and electronic); David Graves used a variety of synthesizers, including a MicroMoog.


Jay Kreimer, David Graves, and lo-fi footage of a Japanese port.